Eco Painting


Eco Painting operates in Connecticut with plans on expanding to surrounding markets. State licensed, insured, and registered with the CT Secretary of State.

A Little History: Eco Painting's roots began in 2007 in the beautiful city of Madison, Wisonsin, As a green start up, we took risks, and offered products other paint companies didn't know existed. Receiving boosts of confidence thanks to the progressive community we served, it was realized quickly a vital niche was being filled. As consumers and business owners became more concerned about the environmental impacts of conventional products, the negative impacts to indoor air quality and personal health, our vision to be the innovative green alternative became realized. Staying true to our mission to promote using manufactorers such as Auro, Bioshield, AFM Safecoat we avoided the greenwashing that became a selling point within the industry. Not all products are created equal, regardless of what marketing materials claim.

Featured in Madison Magazine, and in George Zen's Sustainable Times, Eco Painting became a well known advocate and go to resource for green building information as it related to paints and finishes. Businesses contracting our services included the Williamson Street Grocery Cooperative, TDS Custom Construction, Jewel in the Lotus Yoga Shala, EMW Arts, Cafe Zoma, Children's Theatre of Madison, Change Boutique, and Arbor House Ltd. Our list of residential clients is extensive and included working for prominent green architets, lawyers, and university professors to name a few.

Jump to 2015: In a new market, Eco Painting begins branching out, networking, and breaking ground on projects for local business and homewoners. Support us by speading the word letting your friends and business associates know we are in business, Refferals are rewarded with complimentary gift cards to local business that support green living, fair trade, farmers, and health advocates.


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