Eco Painting


  • Residential- Repaints, Custom, New Construction
  • Commercial- New, Mixed Use
  • Industrial/ Institutional
  • Interiors/ and Exteriors
  • Paints, Stains. Specialty Coatings
  • Murals- Faux Finishes

Surfaces (A-Z), Paint or Stain Grade:

  • Baseboards, Beams, Bookcases & shelves, cabinets, ceilings, closets, conduit, corbels, decks, doors, ductwork, fascia, fences, fire escapes, fire sprinkler systems, fireplaces, firewood boxes, floors, furniture, garage doors, grates and grills, gutters & downspouts, lattice, mailbox structures, masonry, mechanical equipment, molding, overhangs, pass-through shelves, piping, plant-on trim, plaster or stucco, pot shelves, radiators, railings, registers HVAC, roofing, sheet metal, shutters or blinds, siding, stairs, structural steel, tank/ silo, trellis, valances for light fixtures, walls, windows, wine racks.